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My Kind of Town

Chicago is not my kind of town, or at least not in the way that New York and Paris are. I mean, we get along all right and have had some great times, but there's a sense of possibility in those other two cities that makes me feel, as corny as this seems, more alive. I had glimpses of that when I lived in Chicago, but never a full vista.

With that said, Chicago sparkles on film. Without fail, whenever a camera swoops in along Lake Shore Drive, or a car chase speeds along Lower Wacker, it looks like magic. It's a different view of the city, one that removes the dull patina of normal life and polishes it up with a few cinematic tricks. The industrial grayness of the city, mixed with the sparkling skyscraper lights and glint off of Lake Michigan, are perfect.

It's for this reason that I can never not watch a movie that's set in Chicago. Even the Julia Stiles flick about the ballet dancer who learned how to bust hip-hop moves — I have to watch it. So this is why, thousands of miles away, I will go to blockbusters like Wanted and the Batman movie this summer. I'll be sitting there like someone who's in love.


In grade school, I did this thing called Amerathon. Basically, you wrote letters to ask people to sponsor your running, and this raised money for the school. I was very good at it, earning some sort of gilded plastic trophy for my efforts. Cue "Eye of the Tiger."

Decades after the fact, I am participating in AIDS Walk next month. No pressure, but if you're so inclined, please consider making a donation.

Oh, it's timeless!

I've figured out my problem. (Well, one of them. A big one.)

Because I am scared of trying to write something good and utterly failing at the endeavor, I procrastinate by creating ridiculous things. By default they are indeed ridiculous, which means that they don't have to be very good; all they need to do is make people laugh, even if I'm the only one chuckling.

This latest video (sadly, the third made in the last week) brings me a lot of joy. Even if I do think Jay-Z made his millions off of glamorizing misogyny.

(Yes, I know the audio is off. I am still learning how to make these things.)

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This morning I taught myself how to use iMovie. Turns out it's pretty simple! Who knew? Here is the first project, which shows how far I've fallen. (Also, I know I screwed up the French in the production notes, but it was 7:30am. Cut me some slack.)

So far, the video has managed to either offend, confuse or horrify those who have seen it. (A few people also loved it.) I like to think it's enjoyably bad, but maybe I'm biased.

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