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toward the sky

Each of these sub-titles (not subtitles, because then you'd see yellow text over the screen) is the name of a song. Just thought I'd point out my lack of creativity in title-choosing.

This morning's conversation:

lady: have you ever had braces?
me: uh, yeah, twice. why?
lady: well, your teeth really could use some straightening.

Incredibly rude and inappropriate, considering said "lady" was my therapist, and this conversation unfolded during our first meeting. You'd think that somebody in her position would know better, but she doesn't.

black car

I have had very little to say lately. Scratch that; not true. I have felt like sharing very little lately. What's the point of all this web mess? I used to live for this form of expression; now this media is saturated and superficial and sacrificed and scarified.

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