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peter jennings totally loves me

hot stuffGuess who I met today! Fake Boyfriend Number One! That's right! Peter Jennings! The anchor of my heart was in Chicago to sign copies of his book, so I took a nice long lunch hour and set out to meet that gorgeous gramps. Adam and I went to the bookstore and tried to hear ol' Peej talk, but some Miami Vice dude kept listening to Coldplay on the Borders listening station. Loudly. As he soulfully grooved to what was no doubt his version of Barry White, I tried to give him a look that would say, "If you haven't noticed, Peter Jennings is trying to talk to us, and you are making it very difficult for us all to hear the lilting song that is his reading voice." No dice.

After waiting in line for three days, I finally made it to the meet-n-greet table. Peter looked so handsome sitting there in his white shirt and tie, and of course I hadn't dressed for the occasion at all. Nope, I was wearing my green birdy pants and a load of cat hair that seemed to have a t-shirt underneath. Gah! He had all these people around him "helping" us civilians with our bags and coats, but I wound up dropping half of my crap. I can only hope that Peter missed my bumbling impromptu juggling act. Then it was time for us to meet, finally, after all these years of watching him on World News Tonight. It was all a blur. I remember him looking at me and very little else. I do know that I blurted, "YOU HAVE NICE HANDWRITING" and "THANK YOU FOR COMING TO CHICAGO" and "EVERYONE KNOWS I HAVE A CR--THAT YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ANCHOR." I managed to tell him where I worked, which means that obviously he knows where to reach me when he wants to call (inevitable).

I will produce photographic documentation of our triumphant first meeting at a later date.


poppin' fresh

I really love myself sometimes. Like when I write an e-mail to my long-standing faraway crush that details how my pants keep popping open and how that makes me feel like Mama Cass in corduroys, even though that's the farthest thing from the truth.

I love myself even more when, thinking I'm sending it only to my crush, I actually send it to a few dozen people on an e-mail listserv.

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