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Oh, this video makes me so happy!

Earlier today, Weeks and I were IMing about some oddball Partnership for a Drug-Free America commercials for... straight-edge. They show teenagers reciting "Straight Edge" all deadpan-like, and somehow I suppose we're expected to think, "Ah! I was thinking of doing drugs, but instead I shall listen to a punk band from 25 years ago." It doesn't work as an advertisement, because straight-edge generally feels like something that misfits get into to feel like less of a misfit. At least that's part of the reason it felt right to me. Also, the commercials made us feel old.

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konichiwa japan!

JC and I are going to Japan. This idea both excites and scares me. Embarrassingly, I am nervous that I will be cat-sick the whole time, and I will worry that Milo's legs will grow long while I'm gone or something. I'm excited, though, to expand my idea of Japan. Right now I keep thinking of it in terms of eating, shopping, museuming and temple-visiting. There's obviously much more than that, so it'll be fun to discover it.

I would really like to track down my high school friend Shihoko Kawanabe, who lived in Tokyo (and maybe still does?). And I would like to brush up on my Japanese, as all I know is hello, good morning, I am well, thank you, goodbye, my name is _____ and "mandarin orange." That last one is Mikan.

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