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Lust for old age

In Chicago, if I didn't know people in bands, I knew who they were by sight. Within pockets of the city, it's nearly impossible to walk a block without seeing So-and-so from Such-and-such band. That's probably the case in San Francisco, too, but I can't rattle off SF bands like I can Chicago bands.

Do you know why? Because I am old and out of the loop. Some evidence:

  • Generally, I like going to shows now only if I know I love the band. No more of this "Sure, let's see what this random band is like" stuff.
  • Not-infrequent grumbling about shows starting later than they're supposed to. (In my defense, this is not new.)
  • People in buzzed-about bands are usually in their 20s. Guess who, despite her deceptively youthful looks, isn't.
  • Have thought, "Fifteen dollars for a show! I remember when shows cost only TEN dollars!" This is only made worse by memories of $5 punk shows.
  • Sabrina and I went to a Jens Lekman show last year and, when the band started twirling in circles on stage and the people in the audience were smiling blissfully at the connectedness of it all, we groaned and got the hell out of Dodge.
  • Am crabby if the venue has nowhere to sit. Especially now with a foot that is prone to soreness, standing for hours is not my idea of a good time. Danny and I went to a show at Bimbo's a few months ago, and I greatly enjoyed sitting at a little table with him.
But the biggest sign that I am old is symbolized by this: When I watch videos by Girls, who are from San Francisco and filmed videos in my neighborhood, I observe the dilated-pupils antics of the band and their friends. And I think, "Those kids are ON DRUGS!" (Which they are, obviously.) That is a grizzled enough perspective, but — and oh, it is embarrassing to admit this — then I think, "Why do they sit around getting wasted all day? Don't they have jobs?" Worst of all, I realize that this makes me sound like an old fogy, so I watch the videos again with an open mind. Then I rationally understand that youth is often about hedonistic pursuits and that I am a fun-hating old fart, but ultimately I settle back into thinking that the singer needs a haircut and wondering why the rest of his friends can't just put some clothes on.

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3 Responses to “Lust for old age”

  1. # Anonymous Poppy K

    I know exactly how you feel (except add about 7-8 years to your age). I can remember when Metro in Chicago was CABARET Metro and they had really great R.A.D (rock against depression - what a bizarre moniker) shows on Wednesday nights that only cost like $3 or $4. I saw Gene Loves Jezebel on one of those bills back in the early 80's - I think I told my mom I was going over to someone's house to study for the SAT's

    Thanks for the insight on the laser hair removal - I'm going to start a saving jar and label it 'Coins for Hairlessness'. I live in Chicago so I should be able to find a place with a good rep - hopefully one with a good rep AND a nice special like you found!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    GET OFF MY LAWN!!!  

  3. # Anonymous annie

    Poppy, I love that you told a show-going lie. (Mine was that I had a soccer game, and instead I went to see Chisel.) Was the Metro fun back in the day? My high school boyfriend works there now, but I never saw him there. As far as the laser stuff goes, Yelp is probably your best resource. And of course I must plug former employer Time Out, because they often have specials in ads and/or listings.  

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