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Lately, all I do is work. This may sound like punishment, but I love my job so much that I actually forget that they pay me. Every two weeks, our checks are distributed, and I think, "Oh right! That's how rent gets paid."

Anyway, because all I do is work, I can't write. But I can show you photographs that I've been snapping when not at work.

en francais

Twice a week, I take French classes, and the result is that sometimes I think in French. For instance, a cop was yelling "MOVE IT!" this morning, and I thought she was saying "Envers!" Sometimes I translate in my head. Quelquefois je traduis dans ma tete (yes, this is a more literal translation but my French isn't that good).

During tonight's class, we had to conceive a logical conclusion for a conversation we'd read. It involved Marie and Charlotte. Marie had the hots for Jacques, and Charlotte had to break the news that Jacques was already married. (Before we even started this exercise, I argued that Marie really had the hots for Charlotte, but that's another story). My partner Jim and I created this dialogue, which came after Charlotte saying something like, "Oh, Jacques' wife is very nice!"

Marie: Je vais tuer cette femme.
Charlotte: Ah, c'est une bonne idee! J'ai un pistolet et une couteau!
Marie: Voila, c'est magnifique.
Charlotte: Je vais cacher la cadavre.
Marie: Ou? La terre est gelee.
Charlotte: Nous pouvons prendre la cadavre a Paris, et puis nous la laissons aux catacombes.
Marie: Oui, oui, mais on doit eviter les flics.


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