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Sabrina and I were IMing at the end of the work day, and I said, "We're unfun." And then, because I can't talk about ANYTHING without bringing up some trivial thing about punk rock, I brought up the Jawbreaker album of the same name, and we had a good dance down memory lane. That album contains "Want," the most nervewracking song you could possibly put on a mix tape for a crush. (Do kids make mixes anymore? I doubt it.) Aside from some skeevy slow-jam, is there any other song that's a less subtle admission of a crush? Or any song that would make you melt more? The older I get, the more excited I would be to find this on a mix CD. (See above half-joking transcript for evidence of my shallow, silly and juvenile daydream, which is pretty similar to this.)

One little in-joke is funny. Stretching it to a larger one is inversely so, but I sometimes can't help myself. Sabrina and I talk about starting a band called Monarchs of Laze, heavy on keyboards and bass, and this is the cover of our first seven-inch. You can say you knew us when.

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Public transit

Now that I have a Blackberry for work, the particulars of my daily commute have changed. Sometimes I'll write in my notebook, and on Thursdays I like to read my fresh-from-the-mailbox New Yorker in a haphazard manner. (First, the letters; next, the back page; finally, Talk of the Town.)

But on most mornings, I like to fire up the puny browser and read the New York Times editorial page. I don't know when doing so became part of my morning routine, but it makes me feel a little better and more informed when I get off the bus. Part of me still believes that newspapers can give you excellent fodder for conversation, and although I very rarely encounter anybody who wants to discuss that morning's paper, I like to be prepared.

The commute home is another story. At that point, I've read almost everything I want to read online. My eyes are tired. I just want to be home already. If things go well, I get a seat near the back of the bus. And because I have a Blackberry, I can send (unfortunately true) messages like this:

Ugh! On bus and cannot escape creeps! Just fled from furious masturbator only to find bearded tooth picker!

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