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the clash vs. kraftwerk

It was just the other weekend when the Beau and I were discussing our never-ending differences of musical opinion. While watching four skinny Germans mechanically clanking their instruments, we created a hypothetical argument: who would win in a fight between Kraftwerk and The Clash?

Never mind that neither Beau nor I weren't even alive when these bands put out their first records. We each have a certain fondness of and loyalty to them anyway. He insisted that Kraftwerk would win the fight, and I must admit that their calculated precision is intimidating. Perhaps they would plan their ambush, eventually marching toward the Clash while whipping skinny ties menacingly. On the other hand, let's be realistic: we're talking about some of the first political punks with The Clash. Who would you rather have on your side in a brawl? Guys who wrote about pointing guns at cops, or guys who wrote about pocket calculators?

Now I have discovered that Joe Strummer has died, and (to borrow from another English songwriter) that joke isn't funny anymore.

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