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the power of music!

Earlier this week, I was feeling a little sentimental, so I decided to listen to that old American Football CD. There's a little guitar loop in the song "Never Meant" that I like a lot. Anyway, guess who I kept seeing around town? Mike Kinsella. Here a Kinsella, there a Kinsella, everywhere a Kinsella Kinsella. I saw him twice yesterday, once the day before that. Today I saw him walking to the train. Later and elsewhere, when I boarded the train, you can guess who was in the car. So we chatted it up for a bit ("I play guitar now too," I said). After we left the train, we began to part ways—but not before I inadvertently paused over the subway grate. Whoosh! There goes the train! Up goes the dress! Red go the cheeks! Fortunately, I managed to hide everything except a bit of scandalous thigh, but still. So embarrassing.

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