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monday at manny's

You can learn many useful things from NPR, and today I learned that Johnny Sunshine and Barack Obama were going to be glad-handing at Manny's Deli. "Why, I can take a lunch break," I thought. "And I will meet the candidates!" Then I started obsessing over the appropriate outfit for such an event. Not to be horrible, but while watching the Democratic National Convention, I felt that some people were dressed as though they were going to a pig roast rather than to a gathering of lawmakers and supporters. So sue me: I was brought up to dress a certain way for special occasions, okay? I finally settled on a sleeveless silk blouse and some grey trousers, balanced by scarlet lipstick and a little bit of mascara.

Shortly before 11 am, I took a cab to Manny's Deli. It isn't really a deli; it's more of a cafeteria, and the seating area reminded me of the Kiwanis Club meeting space back home. To my delight, Manny's serves a veggie burger, so I ordered that and a rusty-tasting lemonade. Well, as it turns out, Manny's veggie burger is literally that: canned vegetables mixed with egg (?) and fried:

manny veggie burger
Next time, I will order the grilled cheese.

One of my problems with The Left is that nothing ever starts on time. Say what you will about conservatives, but their events generally stay on schedule. Obama and Edwards were running late. So there I was, drowning my vegetable burger with mustard and ketchup in a futile effort to make it taste like anything but eggs and On-Cor peas. I sat alone, amusing myself by watching the television reporters scurry around breathlessly. You could tell when the Dreamy Dems had entered the restaurant, because all of the cameras suddenly swooped to the left (har har).

So, without further ado, awkward photos and real-life commentary:

johnny sunshine

Oh, Johnny Sunshine! Such a smiler! He says "you" like "ewe" and keeps eye contact. "THANK YOU FOR RUNNING," I said woodenly. "I HAVE BEEN REGISTERING VOTERS." Yes, Senator Edwards, I am a political FemmeBot. He thanked me for my efforts. I love how Senator Durbin is in the background, looking kinda crestfallen that his presence was not thrilling the crowd as much as the candidates'. Also, I trust that Mr. Obama is not looking at my ass in this photo.

team awesome

Continuing in my stilted voice, I greeted Mr. Obama with a cheery, "I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE RUNNING. I HAVE BEEN VOLUNTEERING FOR YOU." He thanked me, and honestly, I know this sounds naive and cheesy, but it felt genuine. I love that guy. I look dopey in this photo because the paranoid in me kept thinking, "What if it comes out blurry?" Ah, politics.

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