Assuming that the aforementioned steps were maintained, a happy little squirrel should be within reach. But the rodent does not yet trust the human; the squirrel is by nature a skeptical creature, and he requires careful surveillance.

Gauge the squirrel's temperment. Research has shown that squirrels may appear to be relaxed, but if they turn their backs to you or fluff their tail, they are not completely prepared to relax. You can help to de-stress your squirrel by being patient and tempting it with the bait. Eventually, the squirrel will become so intoxicated with the nut that he will overcome his fears.

Watch the squirrel and get to know his style. Some squirrels are skittish and jumpy; these tend to be the thinner, smaller ones. On the other end of the spectrum lie the chubby squirrels, who tend to be less inhibited when it comes to approaching humans. Go for the roly-poly ones. They're friendlier, and fat for a reason.

As this picture illustrates, it's fairly simple to bring the animal near you. Nuts entice the squirrel, rendering him under your spell. The larger the nut, the closer the squirrel.

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