Jackpot! We've caught a squirrel!

If the bait is tied securely to the string, then you should be able to play a bit with your catch. Try playing the classic tug-of-war game. Or pull the bait up with your pole, watching as the squirrel toddles about on his hind legs. These variations are always amusing and adorable.

Keep in mind, though, that teasing the squirrel too much will result in frustration for the little tree rat. After a bit, it's important to give the squirrel what he wants, and that's the nut. Sometimes they are clever enough to bite the nut off the string, in which case you will just tie a new nut to your equipment. However, this does not always happen, and on occasion you should just toss out a nut to the squirrel. Yes, it's giving away nuts for free, but it wouldn't be fair to just taunt the squirrel. In addition, giving the squirrel a nut will help create a special bond of trust between human and animal.

Once you've caught the squirrel, you should appreciate the fine features of his appearance. Take time to notice his cute little nose and his plump, furry belly. As he looks at you, his paws curling around the nut, know that this is your reward for your work in squirrel fishing.

conclusion: the joy of squirrel fishing