Here, Evan demonstrates how to effectively lure the squirrel. Notice his slight crouch and bent knees. This position says to the squirrel, "Hello, squirrelie! I am your friend! I'm not a big scary human - I'm a nice human who wants to meet you!" The squirrel, though hesitant, will approach slowly. It's important to refrain from sudden or jerky movements; this will frighten the squirrel, who usually scampers up a tree.

I've found that the human voice is music to a squirrel's ears. Squirrels seem to be entranced by a soft coo or a gentle greeting. Evan and I took different approaches to the vocal lure.

Me: "Oh, hello, lovey! Hello, squirrelie! Oh, come HERE, I have a lovely treat for you, sweetie! Come on, lovey! That's nice!"

Evan: "C'mere. C'mere, bub."

You can guess who the squirrels came to see first.

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